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Sales and Marketing on the same page, literally.

In Australia, Asia, North America, Latin America, Middle East and Africa and Europe,’s B2B marketing consultants have served many leading and aspiring businesses who seek to align Sales and Marketing and pursue growth.

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At, we understand what it takes to inspire growth, change and collaboration in your business. Across 5 continents, our B2B marketing consultants have served many leading and aspiring businesses who seek to align their sales and marketing. We know what you need to bring together your clients' team, objectives, strategy, velocity and tactics to build a 1-page Sales and Marketing plan that drives long-term growth.

Take your sales and marketing processes to a
 whole new level

 Are you a B2B Sales and Marketing consultant?

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We would love to share our expertise and help you strengthen your ability to design the best sales and marketing to drive quantifiable results for you and your clients. 

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Are you who we're looking for?

You are strategically committed to optimising your Sales and Marketing processes of your clients, and are open to a new way of planning those processes

Whether you're working with large or small businesses, you can have complete confidence in your plan by taking a consolidated view of your objectives, your strategy, your velocity and your tactics 
— all on 1 page.

What's the next step?

Because we're going to help streamline your Sales and Marketing process, every step of the way.

Why partner with us?

 Funnel plan has the capability to write 90% of your sales and marketing plan — not only saving you time but allowing you to communicate effectively across multiple stakeholders. The 1-page plan is only the beginning, with additional capabilities that can automatically generate extended write-ups and tactic-specific marketing plan.
You have at least 10 companies for whom you do (or could) build plans every year
Your marketing consultancy business operates wholly in the B2B space, or you have a sizeable B2B marketing department

For you to get the most out of this opportunity, we need to check that you meet a few specific requirements first:

You are part of an organisation that employs at least 4 strategy consultants in amongst any other employees

Funnel Plan does 90% of the work for you

 As a member of the Funnel Coach community, you will receive full ongoing support from our Executive team, Hugh Macfarlane and Brett Bonser. Drawing upon their experience and data from over 2,000 existing plans, they will continue to provide insights for you and your clients.

Ongoing Support from Funnel Coaches

Interface with CRMs to uncover unique insights

 Funnel Plan maps out how many new names need to be added to your funnel each month, quarter and year in order to achieve your sales objectives. Better yet, syncing Funnel Plan with your CRM in the future will allow you to clearly see your leads and their stage in the Buyers Journey versus your planned sales objectives.

Streamlined project management to drive aligned execution

 Not only will Funnel Plan help you map our your tactics, you will also want to explore syncing your plan to your client’s choice of project management tools. Integration of your tools allows for one consolidated view, where you can track progress and aligned execution of each tactic.

You follow best practice, while Funnel Plan does all the grunt work.

We help B2B businesses lift the performance of their sales and marketing engine.

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Melbourne, Australia

Why partner with us?

If this sounds like you, we'd love to have a 
chat and discuss our potential partnership.

As an experienced B2B Marketing consultant, your skills and Sales and Marketing are highly regarded and respected

Sink your teeth into a unique, proven IP that aligns sales and marketing processes to achieve strong results.

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Take your sales and marketing processes to a whole new level

Yes, I meet these requirements

Need more than a single page? 

1 click and Funnel Plan will give you a 
15 slide PowerPoint deck to easily share with your stakeholders.

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